Approaching Collective Action Transdisciplinarily: Collective Intentionality, Enactive Cognitive Science, and Practice Theory

This event is supported by the International Social Ontology Society’s Workshop Grant Fund and the Chair of Practical Philosophy at TU Darmstadt.

It will take place at the Department of Philosophy at TU Darmstadt on July 2-3.

Organizers: Gerhard Thonhauser (TU Darmstadt) and Martin Weichold (University of Regensburg)

The topic of this workshop is collective action, or, in other words, joint agency. The motivation behind the workshop is this: in the last years, there have been developed many impressive accounts of collective action in different disciplines. Each of them has carved out important resources for explaining the phenomena of collective agency. However, scholars in one discipline are often not fully aware of the work on collective action that is carried out in other disciplines. Against this background, the workshop will bring together scholars from different disciplines to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the different approaches. The workshop aims at broadening the common knowledge about different accounts of collective action. Moreover, it serves to explore how the different disciplines can learn from each other, in order to enhance our understanding of collective action. The different speakers will present and discuss traditional and novel accounts from philosophy and the cognitive and social sciences. In particular, they will present work from analytic philosophy, phenomenology, embodied, embedded, enactive and extended cognitive science, and practice theory.

Saturday, July 2

14:00 Workshop Opening

14:15-15:30 Zuzanna RucĂ­nska (University of Antwerp):

Enactive pretending as joint collective action

15:45-17:00 Jan-Christoph Marschelke (University of Regensburg):

Joint practices. Praxeological thoughts on coordinated cooperation

17:15-18:30 Martin Weichold (University of Regensburg):

Making Sense Together. A Praxeological Enactivist Account of Collective Action

Sunday, July 3

9:30-10:45 Gerhard Thonhauser (TU Darmstadt):

An embodied, embedded, and interactive approach to learning processes in team sports

11:00-12:15 Laura Candiotto (University of Pardubice):

Longing for connection (online?). The Feeling of Extension

14:00-15:15 Matthew Rachar (Douglas College)

Things We Do Together. An Empirical Study of Strategic Interaction and Collective Action

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