Registration is now open for the Australasian Philosophy of Anthropology Workshop (A-PAW). The event includes presentations, both invited and selected through a CFP, from philosophers, anthropologists, and others aiming to develop non-reductive naturalistic and interpretative frameworks for the study of human sociality.

The schedule is already available on our website, and we are pleased to highlight that we have presenters from all continents participating in the workshop. 

Venue: The University of Western Australia - Perth, Australia (+ Online)

Date: July 3rd-5th 2024

Register here!

A-PAW explores the intersection of philosophy and anthropology. Our goal is to foster discussions of conceptual and methodological issues in the philosophy of anthropology. Ultimately, we aim to promote interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration.

Invited speakers:

Prof. Dame Marilyn Strathern (Emerita, Cambridge University)

Dr. Catherine Kendig (Michigan State University) 

Prof. Rob Wilson (University of Western Australia)

Ms. Collethy Jaru (Flinders University)

Dr. Nicolas Bullot (Charles Darwin University)

Dr. David Ludwig (Wageningen University)

Dr. Don Gardner (ANU/Luzerne University)

Dr. Jeff Kochan (University of Konstanz)

Dr. Lucia C. Neco (University of Western Australia) 

For more information, please visit out website:

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