Themes from Raimo Tuomela's Social Ontology

An ISOS-funded workshop

Organizers: Andreea Popescu and Ștefan Bârzu

We are happy to announce that C.S.R.C. and ICUB, University of Bucharest, will host a two-day in-person workshop on the philosophy of Raimo Tuomela, on the 27th and 28th of September. 

General Description

The workshop aims to cover some of the important topics from Raimo Tuomela's social ontology, including:

  1. We-mode/I-mode distinction 
  2. The logic of shared and joint action
  3. Collective Intentionality and group agency 
  4. The morality of group agents

Keynote speakers

Herlinde Pauer-Studer (University of Vienna)

Adrian Miroiu (S.N.S.P.A.)

Gabriel Sandu (University of Helsinki)

Pekka Mäkelä (University of Helsinki)

Raul Hakli (University of Helsinki)

You can find further information on the website:

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