Social Ontologies of Oppression, Solidarity, and Care

An ISOS-funded workshop


1:00pm Megan Hyska (Northwestern), “Toward a Theory of Social Organizing” Commentator: Tyler Zimmer (University of Chicago)

2:15pm Daniel Brinkerhoff Young (NYU), "Fanon on Racial Alienation from Oneself and Others" Commentator: Arwa Awan (University of Chicago)

3.30pm Yarran Hominh (Dartmouth), “Oppression, Domination, and the Structure of Graded Hierarchy” Commentator: Taylor Rogers (Northwestern)


10:00am Eric Bayruns García (CSUSB), “Comprehensive Speech Acts, Understanding and Ignorance of Racial Injustice” Commentator: Maria Meja (UIC)

11:15am Annette Martín (UIC), “Connecting Levels of Analysis Within Intersectionality” Commentator: Rhiannon Auriemma (Northwestern)


1:30pm César Cabezas (Temple) “Racism as an Explanatory Concept: The Anti-Racist Project of Diagnosing and Overcoming Racial Domination” Commentator: Paul Cato (University of Chicago) 

2:45pm Laura Martin (Northwestern) “An Expressivist View of Women's Autonomy” Commentator: Hannah Martens (University of Illinois at Chicago) 

4:00pm  Philip Yaure (Virginia Tech) “'This Multiform Composite Nationality’: Emancipation and Empire in Frederick Douglass’s Pan-American Republic” Commentator: John Proios (University of Chicago)

This will be a hybrid event. It is a pre-read workshop. To register and get access to the papers, follow this link:

Contact: Annette Martín (

Also sponsored by UIC Philosophy Department, Northwestern Philosophy Department, Northwestern Political Science Department

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