Miguel Garcia, New Approaches to Legal Ontology, Cork, April.

Abstract: The aim of the workshop is to create an interdisciplinary opportunity for legal philosophers and social ontologists to discuss together new approaches to legal ontology. By asking the participants to consider fundamental questions, such as what are legal institutions? and how to account for their existence?, the workshop will provide the best forum for the application of general theories of artifacts, institutional reality, and social (meta)metaphysics to prominent debates within analytic jurisprudence.

Dates: 26th & 27th April, 2023

Location: O'Rahilly Building, UCC Campus, Cork.

Organiser: Miguel Garcia

Confirmed Speakers: ├ůsa Burman, Kenneth Ehrenberg, Antonia Waltermann, Corrado Roversi, Ann Whittle, Michael Schmitz, Teresa Marques, Adam Dyrda, Zuzanna Krzykalska, and Miguel Garcia.


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